Bookmarklets for your iPad

I made this page out of frustration. There is simply no easy way to add bookmarklets to your iPad or iPhone. I blagged a little about that here.

I don't use Safari on my desktop, so I don't sync my bookmarks to my iDevices. So I took a few minutes to copy the Javascript from all my bookmarklets and made this iPhone/iPad formatted page with all the Javascript in a selectable textarea for each bookmarklet. This way I could open up the page on my gadgets, and in about 5 minutes have all of my important bookmarklets loaded into Safari on both my iPad and my iPhone.

I know this is far from ideal, and even further from anything resembling a solution, but until some smart person comes up with a way around this, or until Apple adds some better bookmark management or add-on capabilities to mobile Safari this will have to do for now.

I'll leave this page up for anyone who wants to add some of these bookmarklets to Safari on their own iPads or iPhones. I hope this takes at least some of the pain out of the process. If there are other popular bookmarklets that you think should be added here, you can can reach me at my blog.


I'll assume that you are running iOS and that you already know how to add and edit a Safari bookmark on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, but here's a quick recap anyway:

1. Add this page as a bookmark
2. Find the bookmarklet below that you want. Select and copy the Javascript in the text field.
3. Go to your bookmarks and tap "edit". Then tap the new bookmark you just made of this page.
4. Edit the name and paste the Javascript in the field for the URL.
5. Done.


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